What Can I Bring to the Landfill?

Items Accepted

There are no charges for residents within the WKCSSD boundaries to dispose of household waste.  Household waste is waste generated at your home (mattresses, yard waste, kitchen trash, appliances, etc.).  Loads must be covered and secured to prevent items from blowing or falling out on the way to the landfill.  Loads not covered/secured will be charged extra fees.


Tire recycling

Tires can be brought to either the Kanab or Valley landfill during regular hours.  Tires are taken for a nominal fee.  The fee covers the cost of hauling tires to a recycling and refurbishing facility.

Car tires: $1.00/tire.

Truck tires: $2.00/tire



In compliance with EPA regulations, all appliances that contain Freon are required to have a certificate of evacuation.   WCKSSD will accept appliances without a certificate of evacuation for a fee of $17.



Vehicle/boat/RV batteries can be brought to the landfill.  Please let the gate attendant know that you need to dispose of a battery, and they will direct you to the disposal area for these items.



Non-running vehicles may be disposed of at the Kane County Landfill for a fee of $50.  You  must bring the title, and all fluids and oil must be removed prior to disposal.



For recycling in Kane County please contact Recyclops.